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Child Custody Lawyers in Pakistan

Child Custody Lawyers in Karachi and Islamabad

Child custody lawyers

Our Child Custody Lawyers are Experts....

Our Child Custody Lawyers are experts at making child custody happen. We are well-versed in Child Custody Law and practices, so we offer our clients a strong solution to their legal issues. We have a high success rate in getting kids custody by compassionate parents.

Child custody legal matters handling are our specialty. Our well-experienced lawyers are experts in child custody cases. We’ll help you get custody of the child you require.

We have a well-qualified team of lawyers, who are experienced with child custody laws and practices. We’ll help you get the custody of the child you require.

Child Custody is an important issue after divorce. We will provide information on No. 1 Child Custody Lawyers in Pakistan having knowledge and experience of family cases in Pakistan, especially in Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

In Asian Countries, the Issue of Child’s Custody is becoming Contentious

Divorce in Asian countries may lead to the issue of child’s custody becoming a contentious one, causing elders to grasp the laws governing kids’ custody. It doesn’t matter how challenging it is to be a single parent, every parent wants to regain custody of their children through legal means.
When granting tutelary rights to a parent, the court’s primary concern is the child’s welfare. Factors such as a parent’s monetary stability, reportable misconduct, and character are considered when assessing their capability and character.

The Courts Usually Grant Physical Custody to any Parent

The courts usually grant physical custody to at least one parent, but the accumulated range of cases has resulted in shared burdens and guardianship. As a result, tutelary laws in Asian cultures can also be identified as physical and legal laws. According to Asian jurisprudence, a parent is solely responsible for a child’s welfare.

Mothers have been given custody of their children

In such cases, the court will consider the minor’s preference if he or she is old enough to make an intelligent decision. Mothers in Asian nations have traditionally been given custody of their children; however, the trend is changing.

Legal Age of Child Custody after Divorce

In Pakistan, minors are given legal custody by their mothers, known as ‘Hizanat’.  By the time a child reaches the age of seven, a mother’s right over him ends, but her right to raise him continues. Contrary to absolute rights, this right is created in the interest of the child.  Until puberty, girls are given to their mothers. The mother’s conduct is very important to the law. If she is found to be objectionable, she may lose custody of her child. Courts have the power to give custody to the father after the mother’s term has ended. When both parents are absent, the child’s grandparents are awarded custody.

Child Custody Law in Pakistan

There has been a paradigm shift in our society over the last two decades, as well as an increase in divorce cases. Increasingly, middle-class and lower-middle-class couples are divorcing, leading to more child custody disputes. Divorce has several repercussions for the individual, the family, and society at large.

 However, it is the children of divorced couples who bear the brunt of the entire process. The goal of conservative persons is to make their lives more advanced by finding alternative partners. The kids, however, carry the trauma of being manipulated and hurt with them forever. Many of the children we have dealt with in our legal expertise had conditions such as temperament disorders, drug abuse, criminal conduct, and opposing social characteristics.

Guardian And Ward Act 1960

It may be called the Guardian and Wards Act, 1890. The Guardian and Wards Act relates to guardianship and welfare of minor children. The Guardian and Wards Act has applications to the whole of Pakistan. According to the Guardian and Wards Act, a minor, a guardian, and the person who can apply for guardianship are defined. Under the Guardian and Wards Act, the District judge has jurisdiction to try these matters. A court must consider the welfare of minors when appointing a guardian of any kind. The Court may appoint one or more guardians as it thinks fit. Under Section 19 of this Act, the Court has been barred from appointing guardians in certain cases. It is possible to remove a guardian or to initiate proceedings against him under the Act.

What we can do in your Child Custody Case?

Child adoption legal matters are our specialty. Our lawyers are well-versed with the child adoption laws and practices. Our well experienced lawyers are experts for child adoption cases. Our lawyers are capable to get court order for custody of the child you require, from any territorial jurisdiction of the Guardian and Ward Court.

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