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Farah Shamim is the No.1 family lawyer in Karachi. She deals with all family cases i.e Divorce, child custody, child support, domestic violence and alimony. You can contact her through her assistant Lawyer, Miss Huma Kiran,


Advocate for Divorce in Karachi

Divorce is a legal process to end a marriage. There are three types of divorce:

  • Divorce by mutual consent
  • Divorce by court order
  • Divorce by way of Khula

Divorce by mutual consent is the easiest way to get divorced. Under this procedure, both husband and wife agree to end their marriage and live separate lives without any further obligations towards each other or their children (if there are any). However, in case you want to claim some of your spouse’s assets that he/she has acquired during your marriage then it’s better to opt for divorce by court order because this gives you more rights regarding property division etc., which may not be available if you choose divorce by mutual consent

Senior Lady Advocate for Child Custody in Karachi

Divorce is a problem faced by many families today. There are many people who face this problem and it is not easy to get divorced. In fact, getting divorced is not only difficult but also expensive. This is why you need to hire the best family lawyer to help you get through this process as smoothly as possible. One of the best lawyers for family matters in Karachi is Lady Advocate Farah Shamim who deals with all kinds of family issues such as divorce, child custody, child support, domestic violence and alimony

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Prominent Female Lawyer for Child Maintenance & Support in Karachi

  • You have the right to a fair divorce settlement that takes into account your and your children’s needs. We are here to help you achieve this goal. You can rely on us for assistance in negotiating child custody agreements and alimony settlements, or if you need assistance with obtaining child support from the other party of your marriage.

    You should also be aware of what steps can be taken by an advocate who is representing both sides of a case. It is possible for an advocate to represent both parties in divorce cases so as long as it is done ethically and they do not share confidential information with either party until they are officially hired by one side or another.

    Popular Lady Advocate for Domestic Violence in Karachi

    • The following is a list of some issues that you should consider while hiring a family lawyer in Karachi:
    • The first and foremost thing is to hire an experienced lawyer who has handled similar cases in the past. You should ensure that they are not only experienced but also licensed to practice law.
    • The next step would be to do your research and find out the best family lawyers in Karachi based on recommendations or online reviews by other clients.
    • After choosing the right lawyer, you need him/her on your side at all times during court proceedings. Therefore, it’s important that they have good communication skills so they can easily explain things using simple language even if you don’t understand any legal jargon words used by them during conversations with judges or opposing parties involved in divorce cases as well as custody battles over children!

Famous Lady Attorney for Alimony in Karachi

Alimony is a regular monthly payment that a husband makes to his wife to help with living expenses. On average, alimony payments are only paid for about five years after divorce or separation, but it varies from case to case. There are three types of alimony in Karachi:

  • Temporary Alimony – This is awarded until a permanent agreement can be reached on financial support or until an equitable division of property has been made by the court.
  • Rehabilitative Alimony – A spouse who has been dependent on the other during their marriage can receive money for education or training that will enable them to become self-sufficient after divorce or separation.
  • Permanent Alimony – This type of support is awarded when there are no other assets available for division by the couple, such as real estate or personal property owned before marriage and thereafter acquired through inheritance or gift from relatives; however, it is not guaranteed that this type will be awarded in every case because it must still meet certain requirements set forth by law (see below).

Madam Farah is the best family & divorce lawyer in Karachi, She deals with all family cases i.e Divorce, Khula, Child Custody, Child Maintenance & Support, Domestic Violence and Alimony

Farah is the best divorce lawyer in Karachi. She deals with all family cases i.e Divorce, child custody, child support, domestic violence and alimony.

Madam Farah helps in divorce cases and can help with Child custody cases as well as Domestic Violence cases. Farah is the best Lady Advocate for alimony in Karachi.

Madam Farah Shamim is the top-rated divorce lawyer in Karachi

Madam Farah Shamim is the top-rated divorce lawyer in Karachi. She deals with all family cases i.e Divorce, child custody, child support, domestic violence and alimony. If you need any type of legal help, please call NOW to her assistant lawyer Miss Huma Kiran at 0317-737 9886.

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